Thai Massage benefits those who ‘move more’ and also those that ‘move less’



She is trained in and practices the Northern style of Thai Massage, has attended several courses in Thailand and in Chiang Mai and has been instructed by teachers whose lineage was Northern style.

She is qualified to an Advanced level in Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Reflexology and Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage [Seated Thai Massage].

Additionally, she is a Master Level 1 Reiki practitioner, having been trained and attuned in the lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho.

She is a member of the Thai Healing Alliance [THAI], an independent association which aims to protect the integrity of the practice of Thai Massage by setting required standards for practitioners and teachers.

“The body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care” Buddha

A Little History

Practiced for centuries by Thai monks, and forming a central component of Thai medicine, Thai Massage is believed to have originated over 2,500 years ago in India. The technique made its way to Thailand, where the original Ayurvedic techniques became combined with principles from traditional Chinese medicine.

It was originally founded and developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, the physician to the Buddha, who is revered by the Thai people who refer to him as Dr Shivago ‘The Father of Medicine’.

It is known as Thai Massage, Nuad Thai, Ancient Thai Massage and Thai Yoga Massage.

Within Thailand two distinct forms and styles have evolved, Northern and Southern. There are commonalities between the two styles, they both recognise Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha as its founding father, both originated from two elements the ‘Royal Style’ and the ‘Common Style’ and lastly, they both include combinations of stretches, muscles manipulation and applying pressure to the body’s energy lines and points.

The differences between Northern and Southern styles are as follows:

Northern style is known as ‘Royal Thai Massage’, mainly taught in Chiang Mai and has a greater Indian influence. It focuses on rhythmic, slow Ayurveda techniques with yogic stretching.

Southern style is known as ‘Folk Thai Massage’, mainly taught in Wat Po temple in Bangkok and it has been largely influenced by Chinese medicine. It focuses on powerful, deep acupressure techniques.

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From the moment you arrive to a friendly welcome everything is highly professional. The reception and treatment areas are of a very high standard which immediately gives you confidence that this a Lady knows what she is talking about. Starting with a full medical history check, and a detailed explanation to make sure that the treatments are the right ones you need. When the treatment start she manages to find and identify problem areas as if “by magic”, and keeps you informed during the treatments.  She also has an excellent take on mental issues that can be seen within any physical ailments you might be suffering from and treats you with respect and kindness.

As a former PGA Golf Professional for over twenty-five years I found Di’s treatments excellent. She has a very good understanding of golfer’s injury problems and also any self-treatments in the form of exercises (which she fully researches) before letting you try them out yourself.

All in all, a very Professional Lady with a wonderful attitude to helping you get free from pain and improving your health. 


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I have had many types of massage in the past, but I have to say Diane’s way of working is one of the most thorough.  I like that she works on the floor giving a very safe and grounded treatment. You feel like she covers every inch of the terrain and stimulates the parts other therapists have failed to reach. I had anticipated that I might feel tired after the session (from the experience of a friend) but I actually felt very energised. I enjoyed immediate relief of some backache (long car drive of previous day) and had an overall sense of being taken care of. Diane has a real gift when it comes to ‘touching the spot’ and she allows for the release of trapped energy in a way that is completely supportive of your individual process. I live in Kent but will find more excuses in future to travel north to reap the benefits of a Thai massage by Diane.


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A complete novice to Thai yoga massage so I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't disappointed - the setting is lovely, calming & tranquil and the massage was from the tip of my toes to the top of my head and did me the world of good. Thanks Diane


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Diane gave an excellent massage treatment. She was considerate of my age and health she was pleasant and respectful. Her treatment room us very relaxing and with plenty of space and clean. Highly recommended.


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Diane is simply a first class practitioner. Empathetic, professional, effective and naturally good at feeling and resolving your physical and emotional issues. Go, enjoy and you'll have no hesitation in going again.




I’d love to hear from you. So if I can assist you with any questions or to make a booking for you please get in touch.

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